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Last year the mobile/desktop ratio of e-commerce generated income was 60.3% from mobile devices, this year mobile has increased to 59% compared to 44% of internet access on desktop and laptops.

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Is your website Mobile Friendly? If not according to the previous numbers you are actually losing a 59% of business that could be coming to you via smart telephones and tablets. An article of the: CMO Council shows that two thirds of all Americans own a smart telephone and for 29% of those it’s the only way to get connected because the inexistence of a landline to obtain a local service at their homes or business.

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Loyalty Card Program

SMS San Diego’s Text, eMail and Facebook Loyalty Program
  • CardsGrp 2How many new customers do you get every day from your promotions?

How many of your current clients return frequently to your store?

How often do they return? Every five days? Twice a month?

How many friends do your customers refer to your business?

Get the program that makes your customers register to your loyalty program and share your promotions with their friends in order to get a discount from actual and future purchases at your business, (you choose your promotions).

Keep your clients coming back all the time.

Everybody will classify as an special customer and will be happy to share your coupon on their Facebook and Twitter pages in order to receive discounts. You will be building an enormous customer list to send your promotions to on a continuous basis, temp them to come to your store, save money, and keep coming back.

You could get their:

  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Address
  4. City & State
  5. E-Mail address
  6. Phone number
  7. Zip Code
  8. And most important you’ll get their CONFIRMED AUTHORIZATION to receive your promotions by E-Mail, Text Message, Postal Mail, Facebook, and Twitter with their previously approved authorization according to the most recent legal requirements by fully complying with the law.
  9. They also will become your followers on Facebook and Twitter with the Like, Follow and Share buttons on your form, thereby sharing your promotions with all of their social contacts.